The cannabis industry has its own norms and nuances that are non-obvious. I regularly help attorneys and jurists understand the industry, how it works and offer perspectives from an insider's view.

Expert Topics

To most, it’s surprising to learn the cannabis industry has a robust supply chain. I am able to educate you on market dynamics, business operations, regulatory aspects and industry norms within all sectors to varying degrees of direct experience. (For example, I am not a professional cultivator, but I have developed farms, engaged in strategic planning and addressed operational management issues.)

  • Nursery

  • Cultivation

    • Indoor

    • greenhouse

    • outdoor

  • Manufacturing & Brands

    • flower products

    • differentiated goods (edibles, beverages)

    • branding issues

  • Testing

  • Distribution

  • Retail

    • store front

    • delivery

You can learn more in depth information about the Supply Chain by clicking below. 

How I Can Help

Case Evaluation

I can educate counsel about the industry norms, factual contexts and help gather insider intelligence.

Trial Preparation

I can help counsel evaluate claims, defenses, prepare for depositions, assess discovery and contextualize the client narrative.


I can provide persuasive written and oral testimony that also clearly explains the industry and context.