Startups are not always two guys with an idea and duct-tape. Sometimes, Startups are sophisticated with experienced founders and wisened shareholders. Both however, benefit greatly from incorporating into organizational structure and documentation some degree of planning for future expansion and capital raise events.

While Startups are agile, they face common dilemmas like urgent capital raise demands or sudden strategic shifts to meet unexpected opportunities. All too often, the stress and dynamics also create internal conflict


Startup founders often struggle with balancing the demands of "working on the business" and "working in the business." I have helped founders prioritize and build their enterprise while addressing daily business demands .

Capital Raise

When to start raising capital for a Startup is as tough a decision as how to raise capital. I've helped executives assess their capital needs, develop presentation assets and negotiate successful capital raise plans.

Strategic Decisions

Cannabis regulatory changes and market dynamics frequently force founders to correct course. I've helped executives quickly adapt the shape of their enterprises to adjust for market and regulatory shifts

Startup Conflicts

Disputes frequently arise among Startup founders, shareholders or with business partners. Unlike most attorneys, my perspective is that nobody wins in litigation, not even the lawyers. The conflcit solution offering the most control and flexibility to both parties is always a well crafted settlement.