When to Hire Counsel?

For bootstrapped Startups, it's the norm that founders want to avoid legal fees. Time and again, that decision ends up costing the client many folds more in costs when they seek capital shortly thereafter.

For more advanced operators, they often hire legal counsel when a problem arises. As a result, they have often end of up in conflicts that could have either been avoided or the dispute more to their advantage had they hired counsel earlier.

Finally, mature operators structure a standing relationship with counsel or hire a general counsel to avoid the exorbitant costs of easily avoided mistakes.

As an industry veteran and experienced lawyer, I can help leadership avoid unnecessary mistakes, provide knowledgeable risk assessments and reduce overall legal costs.

Why Hire Kogan Counsel?

It’s often said that “being in the cannabis industry is a lot like building a jet plane  – while you’re flying it.”

Unlike most other lawyers, I’m not just a subject matter experts who speaks on panels or studied my clients navigate the market. I’ve also actually built and managed cannabis companies. I’ve navigated the swift regulatory shifts; I’ve dodged more than a few bullets and frankly, I’ve taken a few too.  I intimately know the pressures and unique challenges of leading an enterprise through the evolving cannabis industry. 

You should hire Kogan Counsel because you don’t have time to educate a lawyer about the industry or your business. You could choose a lawyer who has studied cannabis; but why, when you can have a lawyer who has been in your shoes, has overcome similar challenges and built that same jet plane.


I've helped Startups with the planning, prioritization and documentation.


I've helped Expanding enterprises structure opportunity deals and manage crisis conflicts.


I've helped Clients in crises design and implement effective turnaround strategies.