The cannabis industry has its own non-obvious norms and nuances. My industry knowledge and expertise helps disputing parties explore and craft settlement solutions that wouldn't occur to other mediators.

Why Mediate A Dispute?

Mediation has an exceedingly high rate of successfully bringing acrimonious disputes and litigation to an end!

Benefits of Mediation: 

  1. Wildly High Success Rate:

    • Greater than 95% of disputes submitted to mediation result in settlement!

  2. Voluntary Process:

    • Where Litigation is  adversarial and compulsory; Mediation is 100% voluntary and result negotiable. 

  3. Empowerment and Control:

    • Mediation looks forward, not backward. Mediators facilitate solutions, not decisions of right and wrong. 

  4. Speed  & Cost Efficiency:

    • Mediation is faster and cheaper than litigation. While litigation drags on for months or even years at great expense, mediation is typically concluded in one day!

  5. Confidentiality:

    • Mediation sessions are confidential, and the information shared during the process cannot be used in court. 

  6. You will have to anyway!:

    • Most if not all courts require the parties at some point in litigation to engage in voluntary alternative dispute resolution.

How It Works

Case Evaluation

I separately discuss each parties' position and provide confidential and candid case evaluations to guide the negotiation process

Facilitate Settlement

I facilitate negotiation by "shuttle diplomacy," bearing each parties' position in confidence, and carrying the parties' offers and counteroffers until there is agreement.


I help the parties draft enforceable contracts that accurately captures the parties' agreement and offer creative solutions to resolve difficult terms.