California’s Pot Fiasco Was Painfully Foreseeable

Mirriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines foreseeable as follows: “being such as may be reasonably anticipated.” Make no mistake, the seven (7) straight quarters of fiscal loss and utter implosion of California’s legal cannabis industry was long anticipated by the state’s operators and advocates. The whopping 18.8% fiscal loss in Q1 2023, the cascading major operator failures […]

This is the worst capital market I’ve witnessed in over a decade in cannabis.

Having cofounded two of California’s larger cannabis enterprises, I’ve learned a few things about pivoting and survival in cannabis. If you’re an owner operator, or have a struggling enterprise in your investment portfolio, let’s discuss how I can help. Send me a message or schedule a conference call on my Contacts page.

Cannabis: The Afghanistan of Entrepreneurs?

ecause of its geopolitical value at the silk road gateway of Iran, Central Asia and India, the region of modern Afghanistan has historically been a conquest target. Empire after empire have literally broken themselves trying to seize this region, earning Afghanistan the ominous nickname, the “Graveyard of Empires.” While scholars debate nuances of why the […]

It’s Time to Recognize Cannabis Is a Valid Business Career

I have teenagers and I’m often asked if I would encourage them to pursue a career in cannabis. Initially, the question gave me pause but now, I tend to give a much more positive response. “Cannabis professional” not an oxymoron. There’s perhaps no other industry in modern history that is so multi-faceted, requiring some level […]

Why Ag Tech?

“To a hammer, everything’s a nail,” goes the saying. The problem with deep focus on a subject is that everything starts to filter through that lens. On the upside however, is that unexpected connections arise that before weren’t immediately obvious. Such was the case at the end of June 2017 when 50 or so agriculture […]